"If dressage jargon seems obscure and repetitive, Picture Perfect Dressage will translate what it really means"

Analyzing your performance

  • "Great ride!"
  • "A picture of harmony!"
  • "Dynamic and brilliant!"

Is that what dressage judges are writing at the end of your test? Or this -

  • "Needs more."
  • "Lacking impulsion."
  • "Not collected."
Judge's booth

Then it's time to send your CD/DVD to Picture Perfect Dressage for detailed, expert video performance analysis of your rides. You will receive precise and insightful advice based on over 30 years of study, training, competing and judging at the championship level. If dressage jargon seems obscure and repetitive, Picture Perfect Dressage will translate what it really means to cover ground in an extension. Or why your reinback is four beat and how to fix it. Or what true collection is and how to achieve it. Instead of the same old worn out words, you will get crystal clear analysis in plain English and precise advice that is easy to follow.

Your score can improve 10% or more when you learn the root causes of issues and their simple, practical solutions. If you are already a champion, you can polish your performance and get to the next level.

Non-competitors too! By improving your technique, your horse will be grateful and you will love riding even more.

  • Get to the root of the problem.
  • Focus on only what really needs work.
  • Identify and affirm your strengths.
  • Train and compete with confidence.

Achieving the perfect picture


Picture Perfect Dressage will also help deepen your understanding of the principals of dressage, classical and modern, because we believe that if you get the concept, you can focus on the solution. Learn what shoulder-in is for. Learn how you can create a piaffe with perfect rhythm and balance, one that your horse loves to do! We won't give you a theory lesson. We'll tell you exactly how the concepts relate to your individual horse's performance.

Picture Perfect Dressage will make the FEI dressage guidelines more clear to you when they are specifically used in relation to your horse's performance.

We'll assess and differentiate between physical issues and training issues. We'll assess your seat and application of the aids. We'll give you a better idea of possibilities and the direction to take, then offer training tips, give advice on cross-training, suggest complementary sports therapies, and recommend maintenance changes if needed, based on systems being used by top show stables in Europe and North America. Finally, we'll give you an estimate of the time line needed to achieve your goal.

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A team effort

We are positive, constructive and above all experienced with over three decades in all facets of horsemanship.

We cannot replace your coach! But we'd like to work together to reinforce your direction or suggest modifications to help you prioritize and direct your efforts to exact target areas.

At Picture Perfect Dressage we believe we have an eye for excellence, a firm foundation in both the classical principals and the modern methods of dressage, and a strong foundation in biomechanics and sports-psychology. In addition, we have access to a broad base of practical references. Our background is also in arts and music, so send us your Freestyle videos, too!


Submitting your video


You provide:

  • A short bio of your horse.
  • A video tape of your horse in training or at a show.

We provide:

  • Clear, precise, objective, highly specific and insightful commentary on what's great, what's good and what needs work.
  • Assessment to all levels from Training to Grand Prix, including Freestyles, and Non-competitors too!
  • Guaranteed no breed bias! We look at the training, not the price tag!
  • An on-going service by keeping your video on file (at your request) and tracking progress via new videos you send in.

Just fill in this brief questionnaire and send us up to a half-hour unedited CD/DVD of your horse during training or in the showring. We will review your footage and promptly return a detailed analysis via e-mail.


The cost is $65.00, payable via check or money order. Please include payment when you send in your CD/DVD. If you would like your CD/DVD returned, add $10.00 for postage and handling.



Tips on video-taping:

  1. Shoot footage from 'C' if possible. Alternate views are also helpful, side, back, front.
  2. Use a camera with a motion stabiliser, or use a tripod. This is very important for a true analysis!
  3. Do not edit out the sound. Useful information can be heard.
  4. Keep one copy of the videotape for yourself for reviewing when you receive your analysis.